The Family Goat... for milk!

Even in the midst of the COVID quarantine, our family has gallons of fresh milk to drink, adorable goat kids to play with, and chores to keep us all busy. Your family can have all of this too!

Our goats are hand-raised... friendly, cute, and funny

Goat 4.png
Goat 2.png

For a pet or for your own milk supply...

Pick your favorite goats from our Nubian herd...

Goat 3.png

5 year old doe

Milking now!


1 year old buck

Proven Breeder (100%!)

3/4 Nubian, 1/4 Alpine

Fast growing & very healthy


1 year old buck

Super friendly

Bonded with Bella

Goat 1.png
Goat 5.png

10 month old doe

Shy but sweet

1 yr old doe

Loves people

Possibly bred

Reserve your goat or ask us anything!

We want each one to go to a great home.

New to goats? We can help you get set up!

Milk & Cheese.png

Luna's Kids (Birthday: March 5, 2020)


Doe, White & Light Brown


Doe, Pure White

Or, pick one of our brand-new kids! (Still bottle-fed. See below for details)

The kids shown here aren't weaned yet, which means they're still drinking milk from the bottle. You can get them right away and have the fun of bottle-feeding them, or wait a bit and let us wean them for you. Get in touch with us using the blue form below to ask about specific kids and dates!

We'll get back to you!