Pastured perfection... for your event

On your special day, you want extra special food! You want to serve your guests a delicious meal, with the satisfaction of knowing it's local, real, and personalized.

We may not be caterers, but we are the farmers who can supply your caterer with the best meats that Gettysburg has to offer!

Local: Local caterer, local farmer, local feed for the animals, and even a local USDA-approced processor. You are welcome to visit our farm: Just call for a tour time.

Real: We are committed to pasture-raising our animals to give them the best life possible--sunshine and fresh air--in very small flocks. Never any medications or GMO feed!

Personalized: Our size and experience gives flexibility to your caterer. We can custom-raise your chicken, turkey, or pork to provide straight-from-the-farm fresh products in season.

Chicken Standard 1.jpg


  • wings

  • chicken stock

  • split breast for any recipe!

  • fried chicken

  • chicken soups

  • rotisserie chicken

  • eggs (We have layers too!)

SAM_3429 (2).JPG


  • roasted & carved

  • turkey stock

  • turkey soups

  • salads

  • casseroles



  • pulled pork

  • ham

  • pork chops

  • loin roast

  • sausage (bulk or grillers)

  • ground pork

  • bacon

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you might be wondering...

"What if I don't see what I'm looking for?"

We try our best to give you and your caterer exactly what meat products you want for a truly special meal.  The options are endless, allowing room for creative and amazing results! 


We follow the natural, seasonal schedule for our pasture-raised animals.  This means that it takes time to raise them to the right size and that we only have fresh meats when the grass is green.  Don’t worry—during the rest of the year, we can still provide your custom order, it will just be vacuum sealed and frozen (and still delicious!).

"During which seasons is the catering available?"

Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas!
{But don't delay, because it takes time to plan and raise the best food for your event!}