Our Farm

Rambling River Pastured is a small family farm in Gettysburg, PA, that raises a variety of poultry and pork in a sustainable manner, providing meat and eggs that are much more flavorful (and nutritious) than anything found at the grocery store. The animals are raised in the open air and sunshine, where they live healthy lives in small flocks or herds. Our farm is a pastured microcosm: hogs, goats, and poultry rotating on pasture, with cats and livestock guardian dogs operating as natural pest and predator control solutions.

Pastured chicken_gmo-free_grass-fed
Pastured duck_pastured livestock

Our Mission

As we ourselves learned about the health benefits of pastured meats and the plight of animals in industrial agriculture, we wanted to eat food raised in a sustainable way. Then we discovered that we enjoyed raising animals, and so Rambling River Pastured was started in 2011. We are committed to providing delicious food to our customers, raising our animals in ways that are humane and natural, and farming in a sustainable manner for the good of all.

Our mission is to provide delicious and wholesome food, produced from animals that are pasture-raised, GMO-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free.  In other words…beyond organic.  Customers that desire exceptional flavor and texture from animals raised humanely and in an environmentally friendly process look to Rambling River Pastured as a local source.

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