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Pastured pork

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Rambling River Pastured is a small family farm in Gettysburg, PA that raises a variety of poultry and pork in a sustainable manner, providing meat and eggs that are much more flavorful (and nutritious!) than anything found at the grocery store. Our animals are raised in the open air and sunshine, living healthy and free to do what they like-- dust bathe, forage for bugs and tasty greens, or soak up the sun.  Our 4 livestock guardian dogs protect the flocks from danger and can be seen lounging in our yard or racing across the fields.

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For the earth. For the animals. For our family and yours.

As we ourselves learned about the health benefits of pastured meats and the plight of animals in industrial agriculture, we wanted to eat real food raised in a sustainable way. Combining our desire to work together as a family, the veterinarian among us (Meredith), and our enjoyment of raising happy animals, we started Rambling River Pastured in 2011. 

Our mission is to provide delicious and wholesome food, produced from animals that are pasture-raised, GMO-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free.  In other words…beyond organic.  If you are looking for exceptional flavor and texture in your meat and eggs, from animals raised humanely and in an environmentally friendly way, look to Rambling River Pastured as your local source.

Pastured chicken
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"[I'm] So happy to have found local chicken raised healthy and well. Thank you!"

--posted to Facebook by a happy Rambling River customer
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